All About Us.

We want to take you around to all of our favorite places, introduce you to all of our favorite people, hear our music, and dance to what inspires us. Philadelphia is a historic town with a storied past. Just google it. PHLeX is an exchange with a mission to bring the sonorous indigo of Philadelphia musicians to the ears and feet of dancers from everywhere. Every band and DJ featured throughout the weekend has found a home in our city. Their sounds are unique and they swing hard. Go to the music page–we want you to know about them.

PHLeX is an outgrowth of our home dance, Jazz Attack. Every Thursday, 80+ attendees tear up the floor down at the corner of 48th and Baltimore in the beautiful neighborhood of West Philadelphia. Every second Thursday, we feature live music, including some of the bands on the docket for PHLeX. But Jazz Attack’s real pull is the community. We’re a menagerie of people from different walks of life, finding common ground in lindy hop and jazz music. If Philly is a city of neighborhoods, then JA is our community garden.

Welcome to Philadelphia, PA–consider this our housewarming party!

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The Organizers

The People that do the Things.

Lauren Levey

The Visionary

Lauren is the co-executive director of PHLeX. Fueled by Cold Brew and Jazz, she leads with an iron fist from her email inbox on a couch in her living room, booking bands and venues, coordinating with literally everyone, and delegating like a mad-woman. With curly hair and all-nonsense all-the-time attitude, she’s basically the very definition of punk rock, making legs for children IN HER SPARE TIME. PHLeX is her dream and you’re living it.

(PC: Devon Rowland Photography)

Zak Kneeland

Bean Counter In-Residence

Zak is the other co-executive director of PHLeX. His entire purpose in the organization is to prevent Lauren from spending all the money, at least not on anything that isn’t a cool venue or a ridiculous band. As a composer turned accountant, he balances a cadre of recursive spreadsheets and reminisces about annoying both friends and neighbors with opinions about jazz. When PHLeX becomes the season finale of a Netflix original series about lindy and blues, he’ll be to blame.


Sarah Hanson

Safer Spaces (ie: basically a superhero)

Sarah is the safer spaces coordinator for PHLeX. Fearing no challenge, she was called to the role after being bitten by a radioactive blues dancer. Since that fateful day, she has wandered local dance-halls with code of conduct in hand, vanquishing evil creepers and keeping the dance populace of Philadelphia safe from harassment. From her castle-apartment, Sarah keeps her keen eyes to trained to sky, watching for for the Hanson-signal, ready to jump into action.

But, in all seriousness, Sarah is trained as a licensed Social Worker, and is here to help with all of your safer spaces needs throughout the weekend!

Reg Arvidson

Does Things With Computers

Reg built the website for PHLeX. Don’t be alarmed, but you’re actually on it RIGHT NOW. As a sentient computer intelligence, he is literally a series of tubes. Reg is everywhere, all at once, all the time. United’s “Fly the Friendly Skies” motto is just a thinly-veiled advertisement for hanging out with him on a plane. (10/10, would recommend.) Given his ethereal existence, the IRS classifies his tax home as wherever his Honda CRV is currently parked–but for us, Reg’s home is right here in the heart of Philly.

Matt Oldt

Contemporaneous Horologist

Matt is the housing coordinator for PHLeX.  By day he builds clocks and by night he travels the lands of the East Coast, hopping from one dance scene to the next. A seasoned lindy instructor and lead-follow-switcheroo, Matt will use his exceptional engineering skills and enchanting humor to put a roof over your head. 

Samantha Pincus

Colorimetry Engineer

Sam is PHLeX’s artist in residence. She is the rogue expressionist painter that Wassily Kandinsky only ever dreamed of becoming. Armed with a backpack full of pens, pages, and a heart of wild colour, Sam draws sound in five dimensions. Her imagination gives the art of PHLeX its whimsical splendor, and we literally put it on everything. With a penchant seeing the beauty and soul in music, Sam captures the energy of our bands’ sonorous indigo and brings it into the visible spectrum.

Other Amazing Staff

Doug Raus

Sound Engineer

Doug and the sound teem at Turtle Studios make our amazing bands for the weekend sound even better!

Philadelphia Lindy Exchange, 2020