Housing sign-up for PHLeX 2020 will open with Registration in the winter!

If you’re looking for a kind Philadelphian to provide a place for you to sleep and shower for the weekend please fill out the housing registration below. Housing requests will be accommodated in the order that we receive your paid registration, so sign up early for the best chance of getting housing and having all of your preferences met!

Housing information will be sent out approximately one week in advance of the event, so be sure to have a backup plan such as a hotel in case there are more housing requests than spaces volunteered. Housing registration closes on Friday May 3rd.

*To open the housing form, please go to the “Account” Page to log into your account created during your registration process. Once we confirm receipt of payment, the housing form below will open for you to submit a housing request.

If you wish to be housed as a group:

Before filling out the housing registration below, designate one individual as your group leader using first and last name. Everyone in the group should list the same group leader on the request form, coordinating ahead of time with your friends.  This individual will be our point of contact if there are any issues. Keep in mind that the larger your group is the less likely it will be that you can all be housed together, groups of four or less are the easiest for our hosts to accommodate.

If you do not fill in a group leader we will assume that you’re prepared to be housed where there’s space and are ready to make some new friends!

Philadelphia Lindy Hop Exchange, 2020