Other Philly Dancing

Check out other amazing dancing happening in Philly!

Jazz Attack

Jazz Attack is Philadelphia’s weekly home for Lindy Hop. We strive to  develop dancers of all levels and build the Lindy Hop community in the Greater Philadelphia area by honoring and promoting the history and culture of vintage jazz dancing. 

Every Thursday night, dancers gather at our home in South Philly at Harmony Studios for lessons and social dancing. Come in for PHLeX a night early to check us out! 



Ragtag Empire hosts ongoing Lindy Hop and Swing era jazz dance classes and social dances for all bodies, ages, and genders. Ragtag Empire is run by Lily Kind and Heather Houde with support from a crew of DIY-minded volunteers.

Ragtag Empire is a feminist business enterprise intended to support the lives of artists & teachers, promote black jazz history, and foster good queer vibes.

Ragtag Philly invites you to add other styles from the African diaspora to your weekend in Philly. Your Phlex wristband gets you a discounted price of $10/class at Ragtag’s partner organization Urban Movement Arts. Experience the different grooves of House, Afro-Cuban, Locking, Breaking, and more taught by local dancers from within the lineage of each style. 

Urban Movement Arts (UMA) is located right downtown next to Rittenhouse square. UMA is Philly’s home for Hip Hop and African Diaspora movement genres. Trying new things can be intimidating. But at UMA, the vibes at UMA are relaxed, welcoming, and supportive; there are students of all ages and abilities. 

Classes at Urban Movement Arts throughout the weekend

Find updated class info at: https://www.urbanmovementarts.com/
6-7 pm: In Leiliani Chirino’s AfroCuban Movement class you’ll learn about the different orishas, or sacred personalities of Afro-Cuban rhythms. Very beginner friendly! 
8-9 pm: Looking for a challenge? Majestique is a power-duo working to make more space for queerness in hip hop. They combine Umfundalai technique with club dances like vogueing and waacking
7:15 – 8:15 pm: Breaking (breakdance) classes for adult beginners are hard to find! Jerry Valme breaks it down for you. You’ll probably want to shower before the dance that evening!
3-4 pm: Ricky “Glitch” Evans in Beginner House. Sneakers recommended! 
2:30 – 3:30 pm: Get funky in Locking with Andrew “Riot” Ramsey. Locking is the style seen often on Soul Train and in many of Michael Jackon’s iconic moves. 
3:30 – 4:30 pm: B’more Afro House with Sanchel Brown is an uplifting workout. Sanchel combines Baltimore club moves with Senegalese folkloric dances. 
4:30 – 5:30 pm: Lily Kind’s Solo Jazz takes on musicality and improvisation, in case you need more jazz!  

Powerhouse Blues

Powerhouse Blues is a weekly social dance in Philadelphia, PA. We meet to dance the blues, an improvised social partner dance done to Blues music. With weekly lessons and social dance parties, we celebrate the living history and expressive variety of the Blues. Powerhouse Blues strives to be an inclusive and diverse community open to all regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, experience, background, or lifestyle.



Rittenhop is a weekly dance in Rittenhouse Square every Sunday from Noon – 2PM. Run by passionate dancers, this outdoor event happens rain or shine, in cold weather with puffy coats, or in heat of the dog days of summer. Always free, sometimes with live music, Rittenhop is a community staple that provides outreach and brings the joy of our music and dance to a bustling Philly landmark.


Philly Bal Night

Philly Bal Night is a recently revived monthly dance focusing on Balboa and Bal-Swing. Hosted by Parlour Noir in the boarding house next to Circadium (Philadelpha’s Circus School) in the Mt. Airy neighborhood, this donation-only dance is thrown in a house full of ends and oddities. Uptempo swing and a friendly dance community form the heart and soul of this upcoming event.