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New This Year: PASS RAFFLES!

This year, we’re offering a pass raffle to our early registrants! We’re grateful to have partnered with Capital City Swingout in Washington, DC and SwingAus in Lancaster, PA. 

Passes for for Capital City Swingout will be raffled on January 31st!

*Register by 5pm January 31st to be entered into the Capital City Swingout raffle.

Passes for SwingAus will be raffled on February 29th! 

*Register by 5pm February 29th to be entered into the SwingAus raffle. Those who do not win the first raffle in January will be entered into the February raffle. 




Three tiers of registration. 

All open at once. 

All for lovers of jazz. 

Photo Credit: Jerry Almonte

*Registration is now open!*

Although there are three weekend pass types to choose from, we’ll be opening them all at once, so that you, the attendee, can decide what your level of support will be. All three passes include full admission to all dances.

The three pass types are as follows:

The Discounted Pass – $78 *Available until April 15th

The PHLeX Pass – $88 *Available until May 8th

The Jazz Lover Pass  – $98


Please choose the pass that fits your budget and ability to support the event. If you want to express your love of our community and Philly Jazz music, we’d encourage you to choose the Jazz Lover Pass. If the Discounted Pass is what’s in your budget, you should take it. The PHLeX Pass is our breakeven point–plain and simple.

The discounted pass tier will be closing after April 15th. The PHLeX Pass will be on sale until Friday, May 8th, after which point the at-the-door price will be the Jazz Lover Pass. 

Individual dance passes will be on sale in April. Pricing details soon to come.

We will accept cash (in-person), PayPal, and credit cards at the door. 


For questions, please reach out to

If you registered for PHLeX in the past:

You may need to go to the “Account” tab to log in. Once logged in, you can then return to the registration page and add this year’s registration. 


Pre-order your PHLeX t-shirt with your PHLeX Registration!

Pricing: $15

Shirt Material: Cotton/polyester Tri-blend (super soft!)

Shirts can be pre-ordered during your registration, or you can add it to your account after you register (also through the registration form). There will be limited shirts for sale at-the-door, so guarantee your shirt by pre-ordering with your registration! 

Special thanks to Sam Pincus, our incredible artist for all of our logos and T-shirts!